Use Toothbrushes That Are Best For You and Your Kids

June 1, 2022

Visiting the toothbrush aisle in a store can be overwhelming. Sorting through all of the options can make it tough to figure out which version of manual or powered (via batteries or a charging station) to choose. 

The office of B&G is committed to providing our patients with excellent attention and care. During your initial appointment, you will tell us what you want us to accomplish. We’ll then evaluate your situation, answer all of your questions and clearly explain your options. 

When you or your child needs new a manual or powered toothbrush, particular features should meet your needs. These guidelines will be helpful the next time you’re at the store.

Adult sizes: The head should allow you easy access to every surface of your teeth. Adults will find half-inch-wide and one-inch-tall bristle suitable. Bigger heads are available, but they may be hard to maneuver into the backs and sides of your molars. You also want a handle whose length is long enough to comfortably hold in your hand. 

Adult bristles: Manual and powered toothbrushes come in soft, medium and hard. Soft bristles are most adults’ safest and most comfortable choice. Bristles with round tips are also a good choice. If you brush your teeth too rigorously, medium and hard bristles can injure your gums, root surface and enamel. 

Children’s models: Choose a soft-bristled, child-size one you believe that he (or she) will use correctly and consistently. Manual and powered brushes come in an assortment of colors and decorative designs. It’s easy to find handles that sport characters from popular kids’ stories and cartoons. When he’s old enough, let him choose his own model (with your approval, of course). It will involve him in the process and encourage a good oral health routine. 

We at the office of B&G are experts in our field. Our goal is to exceed all of your expectations. We pride ourselves on our never-ending ability to provide superior care for patients of all ages. For more information about our practice and how we can help you, please call us to schedule an appointment.

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Website Disclaimer

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